"Profits are hard to make and easy to lose" - smbfx



Traders Toolkit

Everything a successful trader should have...
Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is key to success, you can be taught or learn basic technical analysis but knowing how the markets work/move takes experience.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamentals are ultimately what make the markets move, a currency or any other instrument is influenced by the economic factors related to it. You need to understand how interest rates, employment, inflation, and other key data moves a market.

Risk Management

This is your bread and butter as a trader, get this wrong and say good bye to your account. Get it right and you’ll never take a un-recoverable loss and continue your trading journey. Remember marathon not a sprint.


Probably the most important and the hardest to master is your psychological state of mind when trading. Conquer the fear, greed, excitement,FOMO all associated with the highs and lows of trading.

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